Great Day Yesterday!

Yesterday was an awesome day! We were invited by friends to go with their family (and several other families) to her dad’s farm in northern Indiana. Started off the day with a huge feast of grilled fare including burgers (both beef and pork), hot dogs, grilled corn, and a plethora of sides. After that it was time for tractor rides. He had at least a dozen tractors and most of the adults got their own tractor and spent awhile taking the kids for rides. There were enough tractors that each kid was almost always on a ride. Then we lined them all up and had a parade down the road to his nephew’s farm and turned around. After that, it was time to break out the four-wheelers. We then took turns riding and giving the kids rides. Then to top it all off, I drove a friends Wrangler home because she had an issue with her contacts and couldn’t see well. So, it was me and the boys in the jeep while she and Elizabeth got a little quiet time in our car.

All in all a great day! Makes me miss our family farm in Iowa a little bit. I think a trip out there is in order…

Disclaimer: To some I know this sounds really pretty lame and a scene from “Footloose” or something (playing chicken with tractors was actually discussed, but thank God not tried). You just need to try it. And if you’re in Indiana in October you may be able to come along for the next one…

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