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BinPeek – an app to determine if a #Windows executable is managed or unmanaged.

Synopsis BinPeek is an application that checks to see if a Windows application is managed(.NET) or unmanaged(native). It handles x86 and x84 executables. Usage D:\source\repos\BinPeek>binpeek BinPeek.exe BinPeek.exe –> Unmanaged Project URL BinPeek Installation Build with Visual Studio or just use … Continue reading

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#ruby code to access the @haveibeenpwned api.

This is just some ruby I whipped up really quickly to access the API of which is a cool new site by Troy Hunt that aggregates password dump information from breaches and allows you to search for your email … Continue reading

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Fun with C++ – Placement New

So, for some reason in the last few days I’ve been thinking about the old days of when I was a developer and really into C/C++. One of the things that I found interesting was placement new. In a nutshell … Continue reading

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How to do dynamic loading on Windows

So, after hitting DerbyCon a few weeks ago and going to some of the malware talks, I was reminded of my Windows programming days and decided to shake the rust off and do some examples. Today’s example is of how … Continue reading

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